Denali Guidebook Summary Tables

Backpacks and Day Hikes

These summary tables are found in my Denali guidebook entitled: Denali National Park Alaska Guide to Hiking, Photography, and Camping, 4th Edition

Denali National Park Backpack Summary Table
Hkie #NameRoad (mp)Length (mi)Length (km)Length (days)Climb (ft)Difficulty (hike) *Difficulty (route) *Permit AreaDay Hike **
9Sanctuary to Savage23152431,100ME4,5Yes
14Teklanika to Sanctuary38355652,300DD5,6Yes
15Calico Creek389143-500DM6Yes
19Polychrome Basin43121931,000ME8Yes
27Toklat East Branch5120323800EE9Yes
28Toklat to Polychrome51101621,500DM8,9Yes
30Toklat to Stony5315243700DD32,33,& 39Yes
32Toklat to Eielson53203232,400DD10,12Yes
48Around Mt. Eielson68142221,600DM12,13Yes
50Anderson Pass66264232,300DM13,18Yes
53Moose Creek7413213300DM35,41, & 42Yes
62McGonagall Pass86386153,800DM20Yes


See pages 41-43 for complete definitions for hiking times, hiking difficulty (Diff. hike), and route-finding difficulty (Diff.route).

* Key: E=Easy, M=Moderate, D=Difficult

Backcountry Units are cross-referenced with geographic areas on the inside back cover of book.

** The beginning or end of these trips could be shortened to a dayhike.

Denali National Park Dayhikes Summary Table
Hike #NameRoad (mp)Length (mi)Length (km)Length (hours)Climb (ft)Difficulty (hike) *Difficulty (route) *Backpack **
1Horseshoe Lake1.234.82250EE--
2Mount Healy Overlook1.,700ME--
3Triple Lakes1.59.314.95.01,000ME1
4Savage Riv. Viewpoint12.87.011.281,600MM4
5Savage Alpine Trail12.,300ME25
6Savage Drainage Stroll14.
7Savage River Canyon14.,26
8Primrose Ridge16.,900EE26
10Teklanika Campgound29.0.5-4.8-6.41-4100EE--
11Teklanika Foothills30.,200MM6
12Igloo Mt. East34.03.04.841,700EM29
13Igloo Mt. West36.,500MM29
16Cathedral Mountain38.03.04.83-51,200MM6
17Sable Pass Ridge38.07.011.25-71,300EE6,7
18Tattler Creek/Sable Mt.,500ME29
20Polychrome Ridge #
21Polychrome Ridge #
22Polychrome Bluffs47.54.06.43-4200ME8
23Polychrome Picnic47.
24Polychrome East #,500MM31
25Polychrome East #,500ME31
26Geode Mountain47.56.510.47.01,700EM8
29Around Divide Mt.53.07.5128.01,000ME9,10
31Toklat Walk & Picnic53.
33Highway Pass Perch57.02.542.5700EE--
34Hill 5860 Traverse59.,000MM11
35Highway Pass and Stony Creek Walks58-62.5-4.8-6.41-4variesEE11,33
36Hill 5014 Climb60.05-68-105-61,400MM11
37Stony Hill Ridge Walk62.
38Stony Hill Circumnav.
39Stony Dome63.,000EE11
40Thorofare Pass Stroll64.
41Gravel Mountain64.,000ME12
42N. Gorge Creek Valley64.
43Hill 485164.,000ME12
44Thorofare Bench Walk66.
45Eielson Area Walks66.0.5-3.8-5.5-4variesEE12,13
46Thoro Ridge #,100MM33,34
47Thoro Ridge #,34
49Grassy Pass-Eielson66.,18
51Around Mount Thero68.569.67.01,100MM33,34
52Mount Galen68.56.610.66.51,800ME34
54McKinley Bar Trail86.
55Tundra Ponds86.
56West View StrollWL4.06.43.0300MM15
57Wonder Lake Ridge86.,43
58Xerxes Ridge86.
59Reflection Pond84.
60Blueberry Hill85.
61Bound Point88.

See pages 41-43 for complete definitions for hiking times, hiking difficulty (Diff. hike), and route-finding difficulty (Diff.route).

* Key: E=Easy, M=Moderate, D=Difficult

** Dayhike can be extended into a backpack; number indicates backcountry pemit unit. For day hikes and backpack trips in nearby Denali State Park, see table on page 247.

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